Save Money by Improving Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

Today is the seventh day in a row for record breaking temperatures in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s the first day of spring and already it’s in the mid 80s! Now, before you sustain an injury from doing cartwheels in your yard you should probably contemplate how to go about dealing with this early heat wave. Hopefully you’ve had time to get your air conditioner serviced to ensure the best working unit possible.

Once your air conditioning unit is inspected and working to the full potential, you should then start thinking of ways to improve your AC efficiency.  It’s so hot out now that most people are willing to put up with increased cooling costs if it means a break from the heat.  But with gas prices through the roof, everyone is trying to pinch pennies in every way possible. But don’t give up yet, Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning tells us there are still a lot of things you can do to cut your air conditioner costs and improve your air conditioner efficiency, even when the temperatures get out of control and even as early as mid-March.

Set your thermostat wisely: Although everyone has a different temperature preference, you really should have your thermostat set no lower than 72 degrees.  There’s also the option of having a programmable thermostat installed by Poorman’s so that the temperature can be warmer in your house while you’re not home. It’s money out the door if you cool the house while you’re not even home.

Keep natural light and heat out: Another easy way to make your air conditioning more efficient is by blocking out or at least limiting the amount of heat coming into your home. Blinds and drapes are a perfect way to keep out unwanted warmth during the warmer months.  For those that prefer not blocking out the UV rays, there’s the option of closing the shades in rooms that are less frequently used. This will keep the air conditioning from working too hard.

Turn on that ceiling fan: Turning on a ceiling fan helps to circulate the cool air while the AC is running.

If you want to increase your AC efficiency with an air conditioning turn up or if you want any more tips on how to improve your air conditioner efficiency, call Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning (260.422.3534) today!

Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

Prepare your air conditioner before the real heat hits.

Spring can be a fairly crazy time for a homeowner in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but don’t forget to add the annual air conditioner check-up to the to-do list of maintenance chores. It’s common for us to wait until the first real heat wave to turn on air conditioning unit, and more times than not, an unpleasant surprise awaits those who wait too long. It makes sense that local air conditioning contractors are most busy during the hottest months of the year, so it is best to get your unit checked before the big rush. Try timing your service call between the months of March and May.

Before contacting your air conditioning contractor, there are a few steps you can take to help make your check-up goes smoothly.

Check the surroundings around the perimeter of the air conditioning unit. Cutting back the shrub and tree growth that surrounds your unit helps to ensure that enough air can be collected from the outside to help cool your home.

Do a 60-minute air conditioning test run. Turn on your unit the first day that the temperature hits 70 degrees (usually in March or April) and let it run for about an hour. Detecting problems and scheduling proper air conditioning repairs is much easier during the cooler months. Also, this can help get your unit fixed and inspected faster due to less air conditioning emergency calls from others dying for air as well.

Check the air filter, and change it if necessary. Permanent air filters only require annual cleaning for optimal performance, but some air filters may need to be replaced annually. Either way, in both cases, dirty filters can create several problems for an air conditioner.  Fighting with a dirty filter causes your unit to become overworked.

Check Air Conditioner Thermostat operation. While this may sound obvious, you should also double check that the A/C thermostat is set on “cooling” mode, and the temperature is well below room temperature to automatically turn on the air conditioning unit. 

If a problem occurs, calling for maintenance early in the season will likely get you the fastest service from a local heating and air company, such as Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning found in Fort Wayne. Remembering that routinely checking your air conditioner unit is the most economical solution to guarantee cool air during the summer months. If it is time to install a brand new unit, make sure to look into a Trane ultra efficient electric heat pump. This option provides both heating during the colder months and cooling in warmer months. When choosing Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning, there’s also a $500 tax credit for investing in an energy efficient home comfort system!