How Much Do You Know About Your Air Conditioner?

Many of us don’t know the first thing when it comes to heating and air conditioning our homes.  We do however, know how a telephone works and usually call up the HVAC experts when trouble arises. Homeowners in Fort Wayne, Indiana call up Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning because they’re a trusted company that has been around for 34 years.

With the hot summer months approaching, have you had your air conditioner inspected to ensure the adequate amount of cooling and safety in your home? Take a look at these five air-conditioning myths that were busted by the experts at Poorman’s!

  • How do I know the best size system for my home?

Poorman’s will conduct a full energy analysis of your home.  There are several things to consider when putting in a new system.  We consider window size, ductwork, the age of your home, etc.  This helps us to determine the proper size equipment to properly cool your home.

  • Do I need to replace my air conditioner and furnace at the same time?

Think of your furnace and your air conditioner as brothers.  They’re apart of a family, and prefer sticking together.  Your system will work better and more efficiently if both components match.  Mismatched systems have a tendency to diminish performance due to the mixing of new and old technology.

  • What’s the difference between a limited warranty and an extended warranty?

A limited warranty is the warranty that goes along with your system when it leaves the factory.  It usually only covers your products for a limited amount of time.  Extended warranties can often times be purchased at the same time as your system and cover all parts and labor.

  • What if my family has allergies?

An electronic air cleaner is several times more effective than a standard throwaway filter in removing allergens from your home. Particles such as pollen, dust,  smoke, animal hair prevent your indoor air from being as healthy as it should be. An electronic air cleaner with a washable electronic cell can be up to 99% effective at removing these airborne particles. Ask us about this option today!

  • I’m worried about my energy costs, how can I control them?

Purchasing a high efficient variable speed system.  This lets your system differ in speeds depending on the requirements of heating and cooling in your home.  Efficiency ratings do in fact matter, especially if you’re a believer in the most energy efficient products available.  You can also check to see if this energy efficient product is eligible for a tax credit!

The summer season is supposed to be full of barbecues and picnics, not broken air conditioners and headaches. Call Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning!

Are you intrigued? Check out Poorman’s commercial.

What To Do When Your Air Conditioning Freezes

When the summer temperatures in Fort Wayne, Indiana start to heat up there’s really no time for air conditioning problems. A strange trend that HVAC mechanics have been seeing for quite sometime is the issue of air conditioning pipes/units freezing. We’d love to say you’re safe if you own a newer model air conditioner, but unfortunately that’s not the case.  Both old and new units have seen this issue.  If you’re beginning to notice that your air conditioning unit is not performing as well as usual, you may want to take some time to do a quick AC check.  If you find that the pipes to your unit are frozen this is a sure sign that your air conditioner is frozen. Before you panic, take a few steps in order to save your air conditioner, and your pocket book.

  • First you will want to turn your unit to the “fan setting.”  Turning off the air will cause the compressor to be turned off as well, this helps prevent further damage to the unit.  Once the unit starts to cool down, the pipes will begin to unthaw.
  • Secondly, you’ll want to call in the professionals from Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning.  It is likely that your unit is leaking freon, this can be very dangerous if not cleaned up and fixed promptly. A top of the line heating and cooling company will be able to repair your system to ensure that the air conditioner no longer freezes. Calling a professional for the repair is your best option for not only fixing the problem, but ensuring a repeat won’t occur next year. Continued freezing of the AC unit can lead to irreparable damage, and will you be forced to purchase a brand new air conditioning unit.

To help prevent frozen pipes please remember to have your air conditioning filter changed regularly.  Also be sure to turn off your unit on nights that drop below 60 degrees.

Check out this YouTube video to see the sure signs of a frozen air conditioner.