Energy Efficient Offices

Do you think your office lacks in the performance factor? Statistics show that the act of ‘going green’ is on the rise…and frankly, why shouldn’t it be?  Going green definitely has its benefits in the environmentally friendly category, but it also can help you save green in the long run!


 Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning, faithful installers of Trane products in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are becoming all too familiar with the green approach to resident and commercial property. Recently the Trane website created a section titled, Making Your Building Perform Better.  This blurb (a few sentences really) explains the benefits that a few energy efficient changes can make.

Read it here: Making Your Building Perform Better

If you’re in need of some assistance, call the experts at Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning (260.422.3534).  Emergency services are available 24/7. Poorman’sspecializes in heating systems, air conditioning units, plumbing services, geothermal and indoor air quality.  You won’t be disappointed with Poorman’s quick response and affordable, outstanding service. Don’t forget to check out Poorman’s Facebook page! “Like” us!

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