Heating Problems- Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Uh-oh! Did you forget to schedule your furnace maintenance this past fall? You may be forgiven for the time being, but that is only until your heating system decides to stop working. (And Indiana winters are not very forgiving!) Don’t wait until your house drops to a chilly 50 degrees, try your best to schedule an appointment at least once a year. Remember, it’s important to get your system checked annually due to some simple fixes that will help keep you warm all winter long.

Regular maintenance check ups help you avoid common furnace repairs such as:

  • Problems with the Thermostat. Yes, it could really be as simple as changing the batteries. The thermostat really works as the brains of your heating system. Unfortunately, more times than not a thermostat is often the culprit when your system malfunctions. But thankfully, a quick fix also tends to be a fairly inexpensive fix as well.
  • Dirty Filters. (Achoo!) Cleaning or replacing an the filter is easy, but it’s also very important. Filters should be inspected regularly to ensure they’re working to their full potential. Clogged filters impair the system’s airflow reducing the efficiency. This could take a toll on your allergies too, be careful!
  • Pilot Light Failure. Intermittent ignition can cause your system to heat unevenly or in worst cases not at all! If your heating system has a pilot light, your system’s approximately 25 years and is at the end of its lifecycle. At this point, you might want to look into a replacement heating system.

The most common repairs are often the most avoidable. Try and remember to scheduled a maintenance appointment to avoid an inner-home deep freeze later. Contact us at Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning and set up an appointment.We also provide 24 hour service for those heating, cooling and plumbing emergencies!

Air Duct Odor-Pooman’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Winter is upon us and cranking up the heat in your home is almost inevitable…unless you’re living in the southern most states, which even those lucky ones have had an interesting ‘winter’ thus far. When you were forced to turn on your central heating system this year, did you experience an interesting odor that came along with the nice warmth coming from your vents?

This odor can sometimes be caused by collection of dust in duct work caused by the lack of use of the furnace during the off season.  Don’t panic just yet, but if the odor tends to continue for an extended period of time, make sure your furnace filter is cleaned. Ensuring that your furnace has a clean and functioning filter is imperative. A dirty filter can cause odor, build up and overheating. An overworked filter could create a serious fire hazard for your home.

If your filter is regularly changed the second step is to check your sewer lines for leaks. Leaks in your sewer lines can mean that methane gas is leaking into your air intake causing your ducts to release this harmful gas. Call a professional to come out and inspect this immediately.

If you’re lucky enough to have avoided a sewer line leak, next make sure to inspect all the ducts connected to your system. There is a possibility that a gap has been created between your duct work. Any unpleasant odors may find their way into the duct system and thus into the house as the blower pushes the smell out through the vents. Your duct system can be inspected and replaced to help eliminate the odor and faulty duct work.

If you’re in need of some assistance, call the experts at Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning (260.422.3534).  Emergency services are available 24/7. Poorman’s specializes in heating systems, air conditioning units, plumbing services, geothermal and indoor air quality.  You won’t be disappointed with Poorman’s quick response and affordable, outstanding service. Don’t forget to check out Poorman’s Facebook page! “Like” us!