Washable Air Filters

Air filters keep your HVAC units working efficiently and safely. This is done by trapping particles like pollen and dust particles that would otherwise be spread throughout your home through the air vents.

Although there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing an air filter, some options are better than others.

There’s the option to purchase a disposable air filter, which allows you to replace the filter on a regular basis or when the filter is no longer clean enough to function. There’s also the option for a washable air filter, but this style of air filter is a poor choice for you to buy.

Good Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Choose A Washable Filter:

  • The performance is poor. The performance for an air filter is based on a MERV rating. The ratings can range from a 1-16. However, a washable air filter typically has a MERV rating of  1 to 4. This means that although a washable filter may collect bigger particles (dust) smaller particles like pet dander, cigar smoke or hair spray manage to escape the filtering process.  This means loose particles are freelancing around your home.
  • They’re needy. Washable air filters require more maintenance than any other. Although the thought of washing your filter and returning it to your HVAC unit sounds fairly simple…you mustn’t forget that the water your filter was scrubbed and rinsed in is not to be dumped at random. This is because that water was exposed to bacteria, it’s considered a wastewater hazard and should be disposed of appropriately. Who has extra time for that? Also, if you fail to return the filter before it is completely dry, fungus can grow on your filter and spread it throughout your home.
  • They cost more. Even if you buy just one at a time, each washable air filter costs more than an equivalent disposable filter (which may do a better job in your home than the washable one).

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