Are Fireplaces a Good Source for Heat?

Believe it or not, the use of a fireplace has been a questionable discussion between our business and many of our faithful customers. Is a fireplace more for a decorative piece? Or is the main use for heating your home?

It’s time for the truth!  In all honesty, many are mislead by the thought that although the fireplace does in fact put off heat, it isn’t necessarily the best choice to sufficiently heat your home.  For years fireplaces served as the only means to heat homes in America which is why many Americans think that a fire will heat their home and save them on their power bill.  However, this is false.

Your fireplace is one of the most inefficient heat sources you can possibly use.  Basically, you’re sending money straight up the smoke stack.  While the perception is that you are only sending up heat generated by the fire, the fire must consume oxygen to produce the heat.

As for now, in order to avoid an increase in heating costs due to the use of both a fireplace and your heating system, it might be best to continue to use your fireplace for stockings and photos purposes.

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