Does Your Thermostat Need Batteries?

If you’ve been living in your home for awhile now I’m sure you’re aware as to whether or not your thermostat takes batteries.  If you’re living in a new environment you may be unaware of your ‘stats current situation. Some thermostats run off of your HVAC system, whereas others require regular battery changes. It’s best if your thermostat does require batteries to change them out annual to ensure you’re not stuck with a cold house while you’re out and about. Here’s some tips regarding replacing the batteries of your thermostat:

  • Start by switching the thermostat off.
  • Gently snap off the thermostat housing from the wall mount. Some models may slide up and off the wall mount bracket.
  • You may need a screwdriver to remove the cover to the battery. Thermostats typically use standard AA, AAA, 9-volt or 3V lithium batteries.
  • Remove the old battery and replace with a fresh new one in the same direction (i.e. noting the “+”  and “–” indicators for AA and AAA batteries).
  • If you noticed the wall mount place was a little loose, tighten with a screwdriver. It’s important that the thermostat remain level and firmly mounted.

How to Improve my Homes Air Quality

There are a number of health related symptoms that can be traced back to poor indoor air quality.  Headaches, sinus issues, congestion, and problems sleeping are just a few.  Trouble with fatigue and concentration can also occur.

There are a few things around your home that could be causing issues with your air quality. Here are a few hidden air burdens you may be unaware of:

Pet Allergies:

  • Keeping your pet out of your bedroom or your children’s bedroom at night will greatly decrease the 8 to 9 sleeping hours of concentrated exposure
  • Bathing or grooming your pet more often reduces the allergen burden.

Dust Mites:

  • Reduce house humidity below 30 to 35 percent as dust mites (microscopic critters) love humid air
  • No fish tanks or humidifiers running in bedrooms