Toilet Problems

Few things are worse than having problems with your toliet. Let’s face it, we all need a functioning toliet…don’t we? …Nevermind, don’t answer that!

Here are some common toilet issues you may be having:

  • Shower Scalds: The dreaded shower scald is simply cold water drawn from flushing the toilet.  You can however minimize the temperature so it’s less shocking on your shower experience. If you turn the water valve on each tank off and then back it up one quarter to one half to slow down the flush rate. Or you can just warn whoever happens to be taking the shower. 🙂
  • Continuous Toilet Run: Your toilet will choose to run continuously when the flapper valve doesn’t close all the way. You can fix this by cleaning around the valve to ensure nothing is keeping it open.
  • Partial Flushing: The partial flush can be pretty frustrating. This is usually caused when the flapper cap doesn’t lift enough. You can always unhook the chain and reattach it with a shorter length.
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