Have Your New HVAC System Inspected Before Moving In!

Have you been a new homeowner stuck with a less than pleasing HVAC situation during the warm summer or cold winter months? You purchased your home under the impression that everything was in working order, only to find that your HVAC system had issues.

Where do you go from here?

Unfortunately, often times a home inspector will simply turn on the furnace and A/C to see if they are working. Then, the inspector will include a disclaimer in the report that he or she does not have the expertise to evaluate the system. A prospective buyer of a home assumes that when the inspection states the HVAC system is fully functioning, this means the system was adequately inspected.

Not knowing about potential problems can be quite expensive. Not only expensive, but sometimes unsafe and hazardous.

Was the HVAC system well maintained? Did the previous owner change the filter frequently? Did the seller regulate the thermostat correctly while the house was vacant? This is particularly important for season-changes. A seller disclosure form will not inform the buyer about how the system was used, and the seller may not have to disclose this information. A licensed technician however, will have a better idea of how the equipment was used. An HVAC system inspection should also include ductwork, ventilation, A/C or furnace efficiency features, the thermostat, insulation and any humidity issues.

If you question the HVAC system in your new home, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Poorman’s Heating and Air!

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