Heating and Cooling System Basics Fort Wayne, Indiana

With temperatures reaching far beyond the summer norm, air conditioners are working extra hard to keep our  houses cool. With extra pressure on the air conditioner often times comes extra visits from the HVAC technician. Poorman’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne, Indiana has made several residential as well as business calls this season due to over-worked air conditioning units.   As much as they appreciate the business, some of these calls can be easily avoided. Howstuffworks.com recently posted an article on the basics of heating and cooling systems.  This article was phoneminal in regards to learning a few important facts about your system to ensure you’re calling the technician for the right reasons.  Some issues with your unit are easily fixable, not needing a technician at all. Now, who doesn’t want to save that $$?

Read the article here: Heating and Cooling System Basics

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